product feature
The LGDT1111 is a system-on-a-chip for digital TV and intergrates a VSB and QAM demodulator, a System decoder,MPEG-2 MP@HL video decoder, Dolby AC-3 audio decoder, a video format converter, NTSC video encoder and 2D graphic processor. It integrates AMR926EJ-STM as a host controller for executing application programs.
Include the uCOS-II RTOS
Support outrput for digital RGB, Analog RGB and CVBS with Stereo Audio.
Input RF signal
Memory interface
   - DDR : 256Mbit, 16bit I/F@175/200MHz
   - Flash 8bit only NOR for ARM Program
Pheripherals & External Interfaces
   - I2C (Master/Slave)x2
   - I2C (Master)x1 for Tuner
   - GPIOx8 for IR or Keypad.
Power Consumption : 1.6A@DC5V
Clock : 25MHz Single clock X-tal.
Application Board
Stand alone Setop Applications   Board to Board Applications for HDTV

MVPtek provied the technical support to develope LGDT1111 itself and also designed set-top module.
The Various Video and control interfaces of the set-top module provide flexibility of design concept   and makes gain a time.
   - Recieves ATSC(185CH) QAM(125CH) RF signal
   - Recieves NTSC (68+125CH) RF signal
   - Decodes all 18 kinds of ATSC DTV standard video formats.
   - ITU-BT.656/601/709 Digital Video outputs.
   - Analog RGB/SOG/YPbPr Video signal upto 1080i
   - Stereo L/R Audio output
   - EIA608 and 708 closed caption
   - EPG
   - Comm. : RS-232 / JTAG / I2C slave

Block Diagram